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High Mountain Roofing Services


High Mountain Roofing Services, has been operating since June, 1996. I have been in the Roofing industry off and on for 44 years.

 I have roofed hundreds upon hundreds of homes myself, I can’t count them, there has been so many. From Composition, Tile, Wood Shakes, Wood Shingles, Metal, Sidewall, Flat Roofs, Hot Tar, Epdm, & Pvc.

I still enjoy getting out on the roof, from time to time. That’s real experience, and that does not include my employee’s wisdom & knowledge, which is sometimes better than mine. I got my Journeyman’s Shingler’s card through a roofers union around 1979-1980 right out of high school, I also got my Journeyman’s sheet metal workers union card around 1985. Back around 1981- 1982, I received a State Of Nevada 3rd class boilers license. I have also worked as an engineer, for a portion of my life. But roofing is in my blood, from my grandfather, father, brother, to me.

The roofing industry diffidently has changed over the last 40 years that I have been in the roofing industry. To be honest, I am not thrilled about today the way things are going, I don’t Tweet, or Facebook, I love my privacy, I am a big supporter of individual rights, I am old school, good or bad that’s who I am. I miss the old days, when the word airbag, meant your mother-in-law. Ha, Ha. Just kidding, no really. I like old cars like GTO’s,

Road Runner’s, Chargers, Mustangs, Camaro’s, you get the picture. The Innocent years, not like today. Thank GOD I still have customers, that don’t have to use the Internet; most of my business is referrals. But times are changing, even a dummy like me, can see that print media is going by the way side, unfortunately. I still like the feel of the book in my hands, it doesn’t lie to me, it is what it is! I am very humbled that even in today’s time; I still have customers, that a handshake is good enough. That’s called trust, the good old days.

I have always tried to be the best at what I do, and the most honest that I can. I can admit, that I am not the best salesman, I am not very pushy, or even the best roofer out there, among my competition, but right there. But I can admit that I am the most caring, that’s why our name has Service, in it. Because I mean it. It’s not the latest catch phrase of the day. I started this business; do to all of the shenanigans that I have personally witnessed while, working for other roofing companies, and watching my fellow compatriots throughout the years, that were not the most honest, that hired very few American Workers, would rather give American’s jobs away to cheap inexperienced workers to save a buck.

The owners did not care about your long term investment, they only cared about their bottom line, not willing to pay a worker what they are worth, and that’s a lot.

It’s damn hard work! Excuse the French, but it’s the truth. Ever wondered why most companies are corporations. They can hide behind their veil of corporation, if something goes wrong. Not here, my integrity is worth a lot. We are a Sole Proprietor; my life is in your hands. I am not afraid to stick my neck out because, I really care about our “CUSTOMERS”, and that’s no bull.

You know the old tail light warranty, the moment you can no longer see the taillights of their company vehicle, the warranty has just expired.

You won’t know if your roof was done right, until the first real heavy rain, and/ or snowstorm test’s the roof that was installed. Even then it can take a few years, to test it. I am not saying that we are the only good roofing company out there, were not! There are some good companies out there. Do your homework!

But, what set us apart, are our customer service and our experience, and knowledge, & Integrity. It’s not (Pharfannuggen). Other companies will say anything, to get the job. I rather go out of business, than lie about who I am, or what we have done.

I can honestly say, that after being in business almost 16 years, there have been very few complaints, since we have been in business, almost all have been minor. I personally walk every roof over upon its completion, to insure that the roof is done to my standards, which is very, very, high ask my employees ,I am fair with them, but will not except any less from them. I am not saying that we are perfect, not by any means, quite the opposite; there is only one LORD/ GOD who I know that is, and it’s definitely not me. One thing is for sure, the Internet is not what it uses to be, it’s very malicious, anybody can say anything about anything and it’s the gospel truth. That’s we all have discernment; use it. You are going to have to follow your heart that will usually do the trick.

Thanks for giving us here at High Mountain Roofing Services, 17 years of service. We have been operating since June, 1996. I have been in the Roofing industry off and on for 44 years.

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David W. Bickell / Owner