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Let me qualify what I mean, about Reno Roofing Contractors. This will be lengthy, but worth the read.

As I have said before, I started the business in June 1996. The reason I started High Mountain Roofing Services, was because of all of the terrible, and poor workmanship, that I have witnessed, personally by working for a lot of the companies that were, and some that are still here today. I have been a roofer, and an estimator, for a lot of them. I am not trying to impune any one company in particular. I am just stating the facts, as to how our company is ran compared to other ones. No names are mentioned, just facts.

I have worked for at least 10 different roofing companies locally. I saw what kind of workmanship was being done, and all of the problems that many of these companies were having because of their leaking roofs, a ton of law suits, shingles blowing off, (see photo’s below for the reason why). Their roofs were being installed improperly, with no ventilation, improper installation of the plywood, shingles, tile, shakes, torch down, and you name it, and I have seen it being done. Especially tearing up their landscapes, trashing their yards, and grass. Leaking oil all over their driveways, because of junky and poorly maintained equipment. Even one of the roofing contractors I previously had worked for. He uses to say, that bad publicity was good because, it still keeps your name out there. Which I have adamantly disagreed with, at that time and still do today.

Again, like I have said before, I am not saying that we are perfect. We are absolutely are not. We all know the saying, Murphy’s Law, whatever that is. Situation’s that just happen, because of the nature of the roofing business. But are precautions being taken. Do they care enough to protect your family, home, business, yards, cars, just your personal stuff, that you have worked so hard to get. Get it. Do they really appreciate your business, and take it as a blessing. Do they pay their employees top Journeymen wages, or are they being paid minimum wages, which a lot of roofers are. Everybody is out to be the cheapest roofer they can be. They will not last, I have seen it before and will see it again. Ask your self. Who do you think cares more about the company they work for, and the jobs they do? How would you feel, you ask? The ones who feels like they are being taken advantage of, which they are. Or the one who is making top wages, who should be making $150.00 to $250.00 per day, because they bust their hump, and work hard.

Since we have been in business for 17 years, I have witnessed at least, 30-40 local roofing companies, go out of business, because they run their business on the volume principle, instead of quality. Which means they have to do twice as much work, and pay minimum wages, or do something else to succeed in their business venture, possibly cut corners. You tell me! Guess who gets hurt by dissatisfied, and unhappy employee’s, who could give a rats but about your roof. It’s a job they hate, but have no choice, to work. Not saying all, but there is enough dissension, among these types of employees.

There is other unforeseen reasons why business don’t last. But the majority is their own fault. There at one time, was one of largest roofing companies in the world. Who use to do I believe around $ 500,000,000. Per year in sales. They were a volume, roofer. They would come into local towns all over the country, and set up their satellite office’s, and would go were the work was. They would come into these towns and destroy the local roofing economy, by bidding stuff so cheap that, local guys would eventually go out of business. They did not last. There is no guarantee I, or anyone of the other roofing companies will be here next year. But it won’t be because I screwed my customer’s over, and did a lousy job. I can hold my head high, knowing that I did the best job possible while I was in business. Never will I be ashamed. Proud of what we have accomplished.

The moral of this story is, cheap is what you will get. Also ask the company were their main office is. If it is not at least in Nevada, preferably Northern Nevada, please don’t use them. Keep our kids fed locally, and the monies in our local community.

A lot of our local roofing contractors also use the volume principle. Ask your self, how long before, if sometime in the future, you should have a future problem, and you make that call. And nobody is there to answer the phone. Then what. I am not saying that all of these types of situation will lead to their failure. But I have seen a lot, come and go. They either don’t make enough money to keep the doors open, or they are shut down, by lawyers, the contractor’s board, or are ran out of the area.

I believe that most all of the roofing contractors, have maybe a spread of 2-3% cost difference of prices that they pay for materials, among themselves right! Look at this example. I recently roofed a home in the Sparks area. The homeowner could not believe the price difference between the 6-7 bids she received. Lets take a look. The prices were as followed. It was a tear-off, re sheet, and a 30-year roof. Let’s for keepsake, say the roof was between 30-40 squares.

They started at  $9000.00,11,000,13,000,15,000,16,000, 18,000 and 28,000. Ask your self why. We were the price in the red. The materials were well above $ 7000.00. Then you have to include, labor, and dump fees, and insurance, over head-operating costs. The first (3) had to be cutting corners, and using cheap inexperienced labor, and the volume theory. You tell me! The one at the top was just going to rip her off. We are generally in the middle, most of the times. Depending upon the job, and its difficulty, and how much we have to pay our employees.

Composition Shingle, Wood Shake, Tile, Metal Roof Reapirs, Flat Roofs.
There’s (3) blue lines on this shingle. You only have 1/2 inch to put the nails into. It’s the bottom lines, where the shingles overlap.

Composition Shingle, Wood Shakes, Tile, Roof Reapirs, Flat Roofs.

Between the yellow lines is where the nails have to be. Most customers have no ideal as to how much, there is to installing a proper roof.

Most of the shingles have such a small margin of error, where the shingles get nailed into the nail line. Most shingles only have about a half of an inch were the (6) nails must go, to meet code and the warranty of the shingle manufactures, for a high wind region. Nevada is in a high wind region. Takes special nailing for the area.Look at these photo’s, you can see the one in the blue lines, is about a half inch. The other one is a little over an inch. Look at the photos you can see where the shingles overlap, that’s all the space you have, to insure a proper roof installation.Ask yourself, why do new roof’s blow off, and leak. Its do to poor workmanship, and inexperienced roofers, or they just don’t care, like I said previously.

This is a true story. Happened about 12 or so years ago. I had received a call, from a woman in Washoe Valley.The woman had called and needed, a quote for a roof. Long story short. I looked at the roof, and said Oh My God. What an abortion, excuse the terrible word. It was a very strange house. Many ad-dons, the roof was very difficult to do, needless to say. After I measured the roof. When I went down to talk to the homeowner, I had told her the roof looked brand new, she said it was. She proceeded to explain to me, that the roofer, who screwed up the roof, was one of the cheapest prices she had gotten.

She said the roof leaked worse than before. She was suing them at that time. I told her, I would give her a bid, which I did. When I had called her back, to discuss the bid. She asked why I was so high. I told her you have a mess, I would have to tear-off the new roof, and completely replace it. Short story, she called another roofer excepted a cheaper price then mine, again. A couple of months had gone by, I received a call from her again. She proceeded to explain to me, and begged me to come out and put her roof on.

She would accept my price. A second roofer screwed the roof up worst than the first one did. She was suing them both. I said no way, thank you anyway. I told her from the beginning, what it would take, to install their very complicated roof. But you wanted the cheaper roofer’s price instead. Again I told her politely no! I felt terrible for her, and her husband. But I did not want to get involved with her problems, and the lawsuits. I said thank you anyway, but I can’t, talked for a few more minutes and hung up. Don’t know what took place. Cheap is cheap, quality is quality. They are not the same, and cannot be. I am not unequivocally stating that all cheap roofing prices you get. That your roof will wind up in a disaster of a roof, like the lady’s above. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. I am not  saying that we are the only Roofer in Reno, that cares about their customers.Were not, there are some good guys. But we are the only one I know, who’s name has service in it Buyers beware; ask your family and friends, and neighbors for referrals. These are the most reliable and honest, you can get.

We hope, you will allow us, put a roof on that you can count on, for many years to come.

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