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The economy will never come back as long as the construction industry is down, especially for Reno Roofing Contractors!


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The economy will never come back as long as the construction industry is down, especially for Reno Roofing Contractors!

As long as I have been able to recall. The construction industry is what has driven this economy.The construction industry is the balance wheel of the economy. You tell me one thing that construction has not touched. It was  the contractors who purchased the new work trucks, tractors, motorcycles, backhoes, trailers, tools, cars, jewelry, houses, and boats, r.v’s. They remodeled yours and my homes. They took vacations, every (6) months. They spent their monies all over the world. They are what drove the home improvement companies, stores and industry, which made them thrive, and rich. They kept the restaurants going, by eating out every day for lunch. Millions upon millions kept the restaurants thriving. And all of the malls. Buying there, shoes and clothes as they fell apart, every few weeks, and months. They bought every thing you can think of. They kept the bars, and other illicit things going strong. Unfortunately  these things also thrived, not one thing did they not touch.

They used concrete, lumber, wiring, sheet-rock, roofing, paint, carpet, cabinets, tiles, hardwood, plumbing, windows, doors, all kitchen appliances.  There is not one thing they were not involved in, and / or purchased. They kept the health care industry thriving. That’s why a lot of the industry is suffering today, nobody is getting hurt. That’s the good point, but you get the drift. There were so many different kinds of contractors, which put their money back into each of the local economies. Again, roofing, painting, plumbing, dirt work, concrete, framers, carpet, tile, landscapers, electricians, drywall, windows, h.v.a.c. Forgive me if I forgot to mention your trade. Every one of them is what kept this country, and this economy alive and well.

Now let’s go, where no one likes to go, because of political correctness. But I love to be political incorrect. It’s just my nature. That’s why I appreciate the Founding Fathers, and their foresight. Our last bastion of hope, the 1st Amendment, and the Constitution.

OK, ready to go for a ride. Why has this government, allowed the millions upon millions of Latino immigrants, as well as others, to come across the border, with no impunity? You ask, me too! Since I have been in the construction industry, I have watched the wages of the construction industry, fall and fall. They have fallen back to the 70’s wages. You ask why? Well first, my fellow contractors, of all trades went for the cheap, labor. They carry a lot of the burden, as to why the industry collapsed, because of their greed. They cared mostly about their own bottom lines and not about their fellow man, nor their employees. Not all, but what I have witnessed, most.

I use to listen to the lying, filthy, belligerent, back stabbing media, lying about the percentage of the immigrants, which were in the construction trades. They were bought and paid to say what they say, by the way. They would say owe, maybe 20, 30 percent.  Hog wash. Every job I drove to, or track of housing I would visit. You would see 80%, – 90 % of immigrants, in all trades. I felt quite out of place as a Caucasian. Even though, I have quite a variety of heritage in my blood.

Now let me qualify, that I am guilty as well. But not what you think. As far as I know, I never, put anyone on my payroll that wasn’t legal. Did I use, some of the laborers, at out local place to pick them up, yes I did. But it wasn’t about the cheapest guy I could find. I got people to help that I needed.To help clean up the grounds. Some times to help take the roof off. But never, were there any untrained, roofers, installing your roofs.

That did not meet my professional standards, installing your roofs, and / or doing any important part of the roof. And for any laborer, I used, far and few between. If I used any, there were (2) journeymen to watch over the laborer, which were used. But they were always well paid, and were supplied with lunch. Always, well cared for. No matter were they were from. I didn’t use anyone because the color of their skin. I made sure whomever were kept safe, no matter who I used. I am not saying I am a saint, I am not. I love my country. And was just not willing to give it away.

Still today. I refuse to sell my country to cheap labor. Here goes the hard part, that might alienate my customers, but it is what it is. They also are partially to blame. They also would take to lowest and cheapest price they could get. Which is the normal thing to do, if you don’t understand what you are going to get, for your cheap money, trouble. Ask all of the lawyers, they love cheap labor. Made them rich.

And the most culpable one of them all. Is the federal and local government’s? Lets start with our local officials. They are all guilty of allowing, all of these contractors, to come into each one of our local communities. And allow every set of plans to be accepted, and built. There was not one set plans they did not love. No matter how many people complained, and / or said no thanks. They have run all of the work out, way to soon. If it had been managed properly, we still would be steadily growing a maybe a 3-4 % growth annually. There would still be jobs today. The construction industry would still be a viable one.

This is also what drove all of the immigrants, to come over here because we could not keep up with the labor needed, to do all of the jobs that were here. I don’t call them all illegal, because I don’t know if they all were, but I am sure most were. And of course, if you were starving, and had 2,3,4,5,6 children to feed, you would take any wages offered too. It is really not there fault. As much as are own country is at fault. We would have all done the same thing, if we were hungry, and if in there same position. The immigrants should never have taken any less, then an American worker. It drove the typical construction worker out of their job. Because they could not compete against the cheap immigrant labor, and the contractor’s cheap prices, which destroyed the industry, and the wages of Americans workers, I might add.

I also vividly remember one of the contractors, down the hall from my office. He had ice, come in. They found most of his workers to be illegal; and got fined $ 20,000 I believe he said. That will scare you straight, if you have any brains.

Lets take another approach to what killed the industry, and allowed the wages to fall like it did. Our kids today graduating out of college, I believe there is a drop out rate all over the country, probably averaging 50-60 percent. You ask why? I will tell you why. The kids of today, and of this generation our lazy. Because they are taught, by the apostate schools, and of this government, that if you are a roofer, plumber, electrician, painter at heart, you aren’t with spit. They are all taught to be dependent upon this government, and every assistance they can get their hands on. They are brain washed as to think they are all to good to be roofer, plumber, sheet rocker, carpet layer,  a contractor. You get the point. They are taught that unless they are from the Silicon Valley elite, they are a piece of crap.

They are made to feel like, if you are a construction worker, or anything other then the ones, who touch, use, and / or build computers, and if you are not like minded, you just are not worth being part of the upper echelon. Lets cut to the truth, GOD did not create us all equally, thank GOD. There are humans, like me that need to work, and build stuff with my hands. I never have liked school. I took first year, of college. To take accounting, and business classes. But hated them. We are not all going to be a doctors, lawyers, engineers, and / or programmers. This is the false hood of the governments plan to make this generation to believe they have no worth. I love to be a roofer, and a contractor.

I hate what it has become today, because of the governments over reaching hand, on all business and contractors today, local and federal.

If there were not people like me, the elite would not be able to take dump in their toilets, they would still be crapping outside in a hole, get it? I love what I am. GOD gave me the gift to build things. I am a jack-of-all-trades. I have been an engineer for a portion of my life. But would rather be of the construction trades. I love to, build and it makes me feel good, when I see something I have built with the hands, that GOD gave me. I don’t have a smart phone, never will.I like to think for myself, gee what an ideal. I use my smarts GOD gave me. I don’t need approval from every one else to feel good about myself. I am what I am, and proud of it. I don’t feel bad, that I don’t have to have the latest and greatest, newest phones, and the latest gadget. Don’t care if some ones look down at my phone. Owe my god; my phone is 5-6 years old. I bought other things of worth. Don’t get suckered into the lies of today.

GOD made you in his perfect image. Young kids of today,follow your heart. If you don’t want to go to school. It’s OK not to be indebted, up to thousands and  ten’s of thousands of dollars. And it’s OK if you don’t want to be there. Build something, start a business of your own. Don’t ask for approval of your family and supposed friends, do what’s right, create. You have the talent, you just can’t be afraid to fail. We are fumble and stumble. It’s o. K.

Also don’t be afraid to believe in, GOD. Not the system, which is lying to you. The LORD JESUS CHRIST is the final word. Ask him for guidance; he will guide you into what you were created for. We are all here for his GLORY, not or own. If you are doing what he created you for, you will succeed at that endeavor no matter what it is. You will also have peace, and know, you have done what you are created for. Go for it.

P.S. Of course, I am not trying to impugn other trades and / or jobs, they all contribute to our economy. They are all  just as important, as the construction trades. But like I said above. I don’t believe without construction, our country is doomed for failure. And will never come back.

The economy will never come back as long as the construction industry is down, especially for Reno Roofing Contractors!

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The Internet reviews, of Reno Roofing Contractors are a farce!


Welcome to Reno Roof Repair

This blog, was caused by a  review search , I did on our business.Which caused me to write this blog, The Internet reviews,of Reno Roofing Contractors are a farce! 

Most all of these  business review sites are worthless, and full of lies, and speculation. They no nothing about me. Or the success of our business. There criteria is a bunch of crap. Do not believe these sights. There might be one or two legitimate sights. But the rest are, just causing problems, for innocent businesses.There are to many sights to list, but they are all lazy, uneducated  idiots.

What do I mean you ask? Well as a business owner for the last 17 years, I have been able to witness the fall of newspapers, phone books, and most media that you can hold in your hands. The majority of our business has come from friends, referrals, and family. It really disheartens me, to see how uniformed the public has become. Every thing on the Internet has to be true right? A billion websites and counting. How much is truth, you ask? You tell me! Come on people, wake up. Everyone, everybody, every living thing that breathes on earth is out to make a buck, on every body else, and or their business on the net. There’s nothing wrong with making money, but at what cost? Boy that’s real creative. Took a lot of brainpower to use somebody elses, right? Get a life; let’s see you start a real business from scratch, not off of somebody elses success. You are all like a bunch of leeches, yes I am talking about these review sites. I probably will even lose business, just because I dare speak my mind. It is what it is. I will always speak my mind.

And they don’t care if they destroy somebody’s reputation or not. He’s rated at 78% or whatever, don’t have a clue about the business, should be 98-99%. This was one of the ratings, on a site I reviewed.Or they just drive business away, because people believe these uniformed, dumbed down sites. I could go to everyone one of these suppose accredited sites, and talk up or down about my competitors, and the public would believe it. What a joke. Oh they all say they have their own criteria. They say we have 10 reasons why we rate this company, hogwash. They don’t know my business from (@x**), from shinola. Excuse the french, but truth is truth. Their just out to make money on mine and your name, good or bad.

We have been in business like I have stated above for 17 years. And we love to be one of Reno’s Roofing Contractor’s. I have had 1-2 small complaints at the Nevada State Contractors Board. Which were proven to be false. I am not saying we have a perfect record; we don’t, and never will. There is only one GOD who is perfect and he is my FATHER JESUS CHRIST, the one and only true perfection, that I aspire to be like, but fall on my face every day, failing him, with a broken heart. But get back up and keep trying, to no avail. It’s hard to survive in such a crazy, anti JESUS world that we live in today.

The only thing I can do is the right thing. Take care of our customers, and service them with, love and integrity, as CHRIST would have me do. I don’t wear a cross, around my neck; I don’t have a fish on my site. I have a cross, I carry every day in my heart and that’s a workout in it’s self. It’s not bragging that I am a Christian, or putting a fish on my site, or say that the company is a Christian company. Give me a break. It’s how you and I live our lives behind closed doors. Now theirs a struggle. Try doing that. Live your life when no ones watching. Except GOD, and his SON JESUS CHRIST, looking at every breath and step we take. Now there’s a wake up call! And the persecution, which comes from the world, is astounding to me. I never thought just because I love JESUS, my life would be under so much persecution. But JESUS commands me to be the salt and light of the earth. His truth and light must shine, at all costs, including my life. (Matthew 5:14-15) Don’t ask, unless you are Born Again, you will never understand, but I digress (John 14:6), (John 3:3), (John 3:5-7).

  I have strived for 17 years to have an A+ rating, because I care. I am not accredited, not because I don’t meet BBB, criteria. They have called me at least 10 times in the past, wanting to accredit my business, plus $ 500.00 bucks. Get it, make a buck, and keep their jobs. It’s because I am not willing to give them $ 500.00 bucks to have them say how great we are. They are a great, company but, the money issue, to have to be accredited, is a joke. If it was, what they say it was, they would do the research for free, and accredit companies for free, if they meet their criteria. Which we always have.

These website’s that all claim to know me, they don’t. My thousands of happy customers do. They can only conjure up what they can find off of the net, right?And that’s supposed to the be, the be all end all. They are just trying to make the almighty buck, whether they damage your reputation or not. Or they can say good things about you business, and bump your ratings up, if you agree to pay for their services.Get it?And if you don’t whoa unto you, and your business. By the way, I don’t know of any thing good or bad  thing’s on the web, about our business. Most of the sites have me with no reviews, that’s OK with me, and don’t care.Unfortunately, a lot of potential customers, might. Also the search engines, are the same. Oh they have their criteria too! According to them, I am not worthy to be searched, because I don’t comply, and or pay for their services. They make it almost impossible, to get on the front page, unless you give them your blood.

I know what kind of business I run, Imperfect, but striving to be. I just don’t like what the web has become. It’s almost considered a crime if you don’t Facebook, or Tweet. And if you don’t belong one of these thousands of supposed other great and honest sites, read (Romans 1: 24-32) nosy, lying, back biting, hate full malicious gross, JESUS hating, supposed family sites. Oh my GOD, call homeland security, somebody will. Take him to mental hospital, something is wrong with him. Oh how I dare speak the name JESUS, whom I so love, and admire. You just can’t be an old-fashioned fellow, who happens to miss the old innocent years, gone by. GTO’s’, Mustangs, Camaro’s, Charger’s, you get the drift.  When air bag, meant your mother-in-law. I know. I love my mother-in-law, by the way. It’s just a joke.Who liked the country when it was a free country? Not when every keystroke, web search, you looked at has been logged, categorized or just plain snooped on.

What happened to the (2) greatest commandment’s? To love GOD with all your heart, mind and soul. And the second is to love your neighbor, as your self. Not destroy, snitch, gossip, or talk bad on the net about each other. It is hard enough in today’s business climate to just make it through another day. Without, everyone else out there, talking bad, or trashing your company. We all need to step back, and take a long look at where this country is going. And in my opinion, it’s going down the drain. The constitution has all but been used for toilet paper.

I know this is supposed to be a blog about roofing. And in a round about way it is. I just wanted to use my 1st amendment rights, while I am still able to. Which in my opinion is just about gone.

By the way, I hate Blogs. But I guess, you almost have to have one today.I am being forced to participate in this crazy, medium. If I had my druthers, I would never be on the net. I am way to old fashioned.  But please come back. I promise I will continue to have more roofing related stuff, to talk about in the future. Oh by the way, I hope we still are your local Hometown Reno Roofing Contractor, for many years to come.

Oh by the way, I love animals. These are my mutt’s.Composition Shingle, Roof Repairs, Tile, Metal, Wood Shake, Flat Roofs.

Just told you something about me! We even roof dog houses.
Please feel free to comment, good or bad. I can take it

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Thanks againg for visiting Reno Roof Repairs blog This caused by a  review search , I did on our business.Which caused me to write this blog, The Internet reviews,of Reno Roofing Contractors are a farce!