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There are so many types of flats roofs in the Reno, Carson, Tahoe area.We are your Reno Roofing Contractor, Flat Roofing Specialists, Reno Roof Repair!

There are a lot of different types of materials, which can be used on flat roofs. Modified Bitumen has been around a long time. It pretty much took the place of the old stinky hot tar kettle, you have all smelled, while the roof was being installed. Or a truck pulling the kettle down the road to the next job, smoking away. Bilging white smoke, drifting off into the air, stinking your car up as you tried to pass the truck, cursing at it. You know you have all been there.

This is one of the reasons; the kettle is going by the wayside, as sometime in the future, I am sure Modified Bitumen will do the same thing. PVC, EPDM, all types of rubber roofing, is slowly replacing it. Rubber roofing is great technology, but I still prefer the old stand by torch down. It can be applied on almost all flat roofs. Carports,all flat roofs, be it, apartments, houses, commercial building. Just about anything you can think of, on flat roofs.

I have even used for decking application. This is not the best application, but it works well, as long as it doesn’t have allot of, furniture or traffic, on the deck. It also takes an expert to make it work. There are some, real good roofers still installing the torch down system. Generally a single layer of torch down/ modified bitumen, will last for approximately 10-12 years, depending upon the pitch and application of the roof. The better the roof pitch, the longer it will last. I just put a roof on a few months back in 2012, that I personally roofed in 1997.It was starting to leak. So we finally had to replace it. Sixteen years is, pretty darn good, for torch down. You can put (2) layers of the same material, which will last for approximately 20 years.

At this present time we will still using Modified Bitumen, we love the material. We use Polyglass Modified Bitumen, which happens to be a local supplier, which is made in Fernley, Nevada, keeping it local. It also comes in many colors. Blue, green, black, gray hues. In a smooth finish, and also a granulated finish similar to roofing shingles.

Again if you have any type of flat roof, and old mission style home, with mansard, carports, commercial, apartments, we can roof it. And give you an excellent roof for many years to come. This is what a granulated flat roof membrane looks like. The color is white. So if you have an existing shingle roof, and have a flat roof that ties into your shingle roof. Composition Shingle, Wood Shingle, Flat Roof, Tile, Metal, Roof Repairs.We can match the flat roof, with the color of your existing shingle roof, real close. More pictures will be uploaded in time. I will go back and take pictures of old roofs we have done, and any new ones we do. Thank You For allowing High Mountain Roofing Services to serve you, as your Hometown Reno Roofing Contractor, flat roof specialists.Nevada License # 42608.

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